5 Facts about Adult Learning

Here are some facts on how adults like to learn and some ways to best facilitate to adults in your training classes you might be holding in Tampa or some other part of the country. 

1) Adults like to self-discover while learning.  It makes them feel more involved in the learning process.

2) Using performance objectives gives adults the opportunity to understand the value of the skills and knowledge they are being taught.  Make sure you apply these objectives to how the learning can take place at their job.

3) Adults like variety in learning, so make sure you have multiple activities to stimulate both the left side and right side of the brain.

4) Having multiple activities is important when training adults as adults surprisingly have short attention spans.  Usually 10 minutes or less is all an adult can handle when it comes to being lectured to so interjecting activities often can increase learning.

5) Adults learn better when you blend your learning styles.  Train using a variety of visual, auditory, tactical, and kinetic learning styles.  This keeps them engaged when you mix up the learning styles.

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