7 Negotiation Tips To Get What You Want

If you are a member of the corporate world in Tampa or anywhere in America, negotiations are part of your everyday life. You can become a master negotiator by adding the following tips to the business skills training you already have.

1. Be Prepared – Before you walk into the negotiating room, you must know exactly what you want. Rehearse your presentation several times.  Negotiations can be stressful and you don’t want to sell yourself short if you get nervous and forget your key points.

2. Keep Your Emotions Out Of The Game – Don’t let your emotions get in the way of clear thinking. You might miss your opportunity if you become angry or antagonizing.

3. It Is Not All About You – Most negotiations are successful when both sides feel they are getting something out of the deal.  Remember to show the other side how your offer will benefit them.

4. Ask For More Than You Want – People underestimate the power of negotiation.  You will be surprised how often you can get more than you were expecting.  If you set the bar high, you can see where the other side stands.  You still have the power to negotiate down to what you really wanted if your highest request isn’t granted.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Walk Away – If your negotiation isn’t going as planned; it might be time to walk away.  Respectfully let the other party know that you don’t see the negotiations going well for either side.  Set another date to continue the talk.  Taking a break will allow each person to reevaluate their needs and offers.

6. Ask For It In Writing – Once you have mutually agreed upon an offer, make sure to put it down on paper.  This will clarify any confusing points and ensure that each party remains true to their words.

7. Seek Advice From An Expert – If you are not receiving the results you want from your negotiations, it might be time to call someone in for corporate training.  Experts can give you a full arsenal of techniques to use in any negotiation.


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