6 Qualities Needed to be a Great Presenter

1. Be Prepared:

Nothing puts an audience off more than someone who has not prepared for their presentation. Know your audience, focusing on what they want to know and preparing your presentation to meet their needs. Focus on the main points you want them to walk away with.

2. Make a Great First Impression:

First impressions really do stick, and the first few minutes of your presentation are the most important. The beginning is when it is important to engage, and missing this opportunity could make or break it for you. Think about the impression you want to leave them with.

3. Be Passionate About Your Topic:

If you are passionate about your topic and express this enthusiasm, it will show through. While you need good content and well-designed visuals, it is your enthusiasm that will touch your audience most. Your genuine belief in your topic will go a long way in connecting with your audience.

4. Interact With Your Audience:

Make it personal, as though it is a one-on-one conversation. Make regular eye contact by training yourself to move slowly from person to person, periodically holding contact for a few seconds. Communicate confidently with an even toned professional voice, raising it slightly when you want to emphasize something.

5. Stick To The Point:

Stay on point. The average human attention span is unfortunately quite short. It is best to keep your presentation to the point and not get side-tracked from the issue’s you are trying to convey.

Another Great Presentation

Another Great Presentation


6. Practice Makes Perfect:

Rehearse your presentation several times, as practice really does make perfect. It should seem like a routine. Put in the same amount of effort as the response you want to receive.

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