How to Present in Any Situation

It is important for experienced speakers to be prepared to make a great presentation in any situation.  Whether it’s for a meeting, training seminar, training workshop, online e-learning or just to win an argument with your wife, it’s important to be prepared. Being a great presenter can help you in many business areas. Such as, sales skills, customer service, management skills or any other office related job that has you communicating with others.

Following are tips to ensure your presentation goes well every time.

1. Be Prepared

– Know your topic well.
– Understand the audience you are presenting to.
– Understand the expectations and needs of your audience.
– Plan out the key points you want them to walk away with, keeping it simple.
– Get business skills training yourself in the area you are presenting to help give you a better understanding
   of the topic you will be covering if needed.

2. Anticipate

Be prepared with a list of questions to ask yourself when you are planning to present. This is particularly important if you need to present at a moment’s notice. If this is the case, you will want to present these questions to the meeting facilitator. Make sure to find out as much about your audience as you can beforehand.  Some sample questions to ask are listed here.

– What is the size of my audience?
– Who will my audience consist of?
– How much time will be allotted for my presentation?
– What necessary equipment is available for my presentation?
– Am I prepared with adequate materials and enough handouts for my audience?

3. Prepare for Questions

– Know the material well enough to handle any and all questions.
– In the event you do not know the answer to a question, be prepared to investigate and follow up. You may
  want to create a parking lot for questions that you will need to get back to them on.
– Allow an adequate amount of time for Q&A after your presentation.
– Leave your phone number and email address for them to contact you at if they think of a question later.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes perfect, so rehearse your presentation until you are confident you have it down. You simply cannot practice enough when you want to deliver a great presentation. The better you know the material the more confident and comfortable you will be when you are presenting.  Nothing helps you relax more than feeling confident about your presentation.

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