5 Negotiating Tips for Success

We are usually in awe of people who make others conform to their will by virtue of their excellent negotiation skills.  Oftentimes, we think that this skill of theirs in inherently theirs without need for any practice.  We think that the look, voice, and manner of dressing of proper negotiation have simply fallen into place within their respective personas. Thus, as ordinary people, we do not strive to learn more about negotiation because we think that either you are born with it or without it.  However, this is not the case because anyone can certainly practice to improve his or her negotiation skills.  

Here are 5 negotiating tips you can utilize for your success.

1. Focus on the agenda.

Prior to a negotiation, make sure that you are aware of the agenda for such a meeting and that you constantly keep at it. Make an effort to keep the discussion focused on the agenda and do not let it be diverted to another topic.  This is because unpreparedness will creep in should the discussion lean towards another subject matter which you have not anticipated thereby lessening your focus and the potential to get what you want. 

2. Ask for more.

Whether it is in the initial stages or near the final stage, do not be afraid to ask for more.  In the initial stages, it helps you attain what you really want, whereas in the final stages, the other party is itching for a conclusion and will be more inclined to concede with a few more demands.

3. Listen.

Although you think that negotiation is mostly about talking, it is not so.  Negotiations are also about utilizing your listening skills in gaining more information about the other party so that you can use that information for your advantage. Understanding what they want and need will help you with your negotiations.

4. Walk away.

If the deal is not going according to your specifications, it is sometimes better to walk away than to make a lopsided deal.  By showing that you have the power to walk away, the other party knows that they cannot simply bully you to a decision.

5. Have the other party initiate the offer.

This will give you an idea of the extent the other party is willing to go for and it saves you countless energy when their offer is well within your negotiation range.  So, get them to make the first offer.

There you have it, five negotiating tips that will aid you on your way to becoming an excellent negotiator.  You may not instantly become the negotiator that you want to be, but remember that practice makes perfect!

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