Public Speaking for a More Confident You

Public speaking has been part and parcel of great leadership and success. If you are a leader, you naturally have to address your followers every once in a while to ensure their continued support and to guide them the way you want the business to go. Thus, if you are in fear of public speaking, the time to conquer is now.

Here are some tips for you to be more confident in public speaking engagements:


Though nervousness is always a present threat in any public speaking engagement, one can counter it through proper preparation. Preparation is one of the main keys in delivering a great speech. By preparation, it primarily means getting down to the ‘what’ or the content of your speech. By properly preparing the content, you can now go on to questions of why you are speaking of such and how you will deliver your speech. Make sure that you answer each question sufficiently and always make sure that you do not diverge from the main topic at hand.


The next step after proper preparation is to practice.  Practice makes perfect as they say and it is no different in the arena of public speaking. You can either practice alone by facing a mirror or else get friends to help you by letting them listen to your speech and allowing them to give constructive criticism. Make sure that you watch out for any strange gestures and that you curb such mannerisms immediately.

Speech Proper

During the day of the speech itself, take 3 deep breaths prior to the speech in order to calm your nerves. Also, have a bottle of water always ready in order for your throat not to get too dry. Finally, remember that pauses are essential throughout the speech for the audience to properly absorb the topic. Thus, make sure that you inject pauses within your speech strategically.

Overall, the fear of public speaking can be conquered if you’ve given proper preparation and practice prior to the speech itself. Hopefully, these tips will help you gain control of your public speaking self in order to transform it into a more confident you.

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