HR Management: A Necessary Step before Hiring is Employment Screening

Pre-employment screening is a step that is undertaken by almost all employers before hiring their new employees.  It is important for any company to take this step because it can help weed out the qualified from the unqualified especially in terms of personal character and history.  Furthermore, proper pre-employment screening can help the company against potential damages wrought about by hiring the wrong employee. However, despite this being the case, proper pre-employment screening has not been taken that seriously by most.  In this article, we make a case why employment screening is a necessary step before hiring.

Screening is a necessary step because it not only weeds out the unqualified, it also helps the company maintain its reputation as one whose ranks of employment are only composed of employees who are not only qualified, but are of good moral character.  That said, customers can be more at ease in dealing with such a company because they know that the people with whom they deal with are of such character.

In addition, screening employees properly can help protect the company against possible fraudulent operations.  Since a proper screening involves not only schools, employment history and address history and the like, but also things such as criminal and credit records.  That said, companies can easily avoid employing persons with obvious records of dubiousness.

Finally, employment screening is necessary in order to determine whether or not a certain applicant is indeed fit for the job that is supposed to be undertaken.  Screening of this sort involves test of both IQ and EQ which can either be standardized or simulated to fit the job requirements.  By doing this, companies can avoid the expense of hiring an additional employee who provides no actual benefits.

Through the arguments enumerated above, we see that indeed, employment screening must be taken upon as a mandatory step in before hiring potential employees.  Though this may appear as discriminatory to some, the overall benefits far outweigh the potential cost of hiring the wrong employee.   Thus, take care to ensure that proper employment screening is practiced within the company which you work with to ensure the overall health of the firm.

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