What Accountability Is All About

Accountability meetings are necessary company protocols that promote employee satisfaction, expertise, and responsibility. Although many employees complain about the additional, seemingly unnecessary time spent on accountability meetings, doing otherwise would cost the company to lose more assets than necessary.

People should not shy away or neglect accountability meetings because it is aimed at helping employees accept the extent of the consequences of their actions and job practices. It is also concerned with the act of honesty and claiming responsibility for negligent actions.

According to a Chinese adage, if you teach a man to fish, you will be able to help him feed himself for a lifetime. Such is the thrust of accountability meetings, to be able to help employees learn how to become independent workers for themselves and the company. Although an accountability meeting may require questions and answers and a set of task assignments to complete, the real meaning of accountability encompasses the following:

  1. Establishing a well-engendered and sympathetic environment to facilitate openness, understanding, and encouragement. This will help people go out of their shells and openly explore and enhance hidden talents and skills.
  2. Employing effective listening and communication skills to help employees understand their current company standing and how to make further improvements.
  3. Setting up practices and tasks that allow people to discover their full potential. This is done through various creative exercises that aim to uncover underlying skills that haven’t been used or practiced often. This actually helps employees build confidence in themselves and make them more proactive in creating self-strategies for their personal development.
  4. Provides a good avenue for the development of personal awareness, sustained focus, and precision so people are able to make informed and wise choices in the future.
  5. Promoting career wellness and productivity through maximal company support and employee care. Accountability meetings are actually holistic employee exercises which not only tackle career development but also promote personal growth and satisfaction as well.

In accountability proceedings, tools such as effective listening and communication skills, interviewing techniques and personal development exercises are used in the guidance process. Accountability meetings should have self-sufficient leaders that will help guide their constituents towards achieving their highest potential.

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