Presentation Training: Take Charge of Your Presentations with Your Voice

Presentations may be the biggest fear of your life; however, this is one aspect where you can unleash the power of your voice and words and win over hearts and minds of the masses. Use strategies that will mesmerize crowds.

One of the most important strategies of preparing your presentation is to rehearse it well. Nervousness is a natural occurrence during presentations but you can easily eliminate that by enforcing the first and foremost strategy – rehearsal. Focus on how you present; do you make sufficient eye contact with the audience or do you prefer to have no eye contact, at all? Do you use the stage space in front of you or do you limit yourself to the podium? If your movement and body language is conservative then you will definitely have a hard time getting rid of the nervousness. Loosen yourself up while you rehearse and watch your flow.

A monotonous tone is very easy to adopt while you’re presenting in front of an audience but a winning presentor is clearly defined as one who can bring in the variations in his volume and tone; express facts and humor with the help of his tone. Use your rehearsal period to adopt the easiness in your volume and tone. This goes without saying, but give yourself the space and room to breathe and move around; the space will positively impact your body language and gestures. Do not speak too fast or too slow; it just makes you appear more uptight. Control your speech rate along with your gestures.

When you stress on any key issue you need to sound very convincing where the aforementioned public speaking trait comes into play; control in tones. Emphasize on the words you want say; this will attract the attention you’re looking for.

Once again, use your powerful voice to end your presentation; be enthusiastic at all times. You will actually feel the success of your presentation.

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