10 Ways To Be A Better Trainer

Here are 10 ways to ensure that your training program will be more effective. If your goal is to have trainees take action and not just endure the training session, read on.

1. Three for one rule: For each objective, have three different activities for getting your point or lesson across. You may not use them all, but have the different approaches ready. If one doesn’t grab your trainees, try another. Appeal to the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. Don’t get sold to any one idea. As old anonymous said, “It’s a lot easier to get your way if you have more than one way.”

2. Two times rule: Every activity will take twice as long as you planned. This is especially true for the first time you try an activity. Reverse engineer the steps so you understand how best to give the instructions.

3. Fun rule: Give your trainees permission to have fun during the training. Plan fun activities and breaks into your agenda. Even simple additions like passing out Tootsie Pops lighten up training.

4. During your planning of your training program, prioritize your activities according to Must Do, Should Do, and Do If You’ve Got Time.

5. Use your own behavior early on to model humor, participation, respect for new ideas and for participants. Set the stage early for a positive training experience.

6. Build interest by advertising coming attractions. For instance, “After the break you’ll get three hot ideas for energizing your training.”

7. Do the summary and evaluation and then end with a culminating activity that nails the goals and action items of the entire session.

8. Have trainees visualize how they will use a skill. Actually lead them through a visualization: see them using the skill, the obstacles and the solutions. Have pairs share their visualizations with each other.

9. When a group is resistant or hostile, have each person list ten reasons why he/she shouldn’t be at the training. The reasons can be rational or goofy, but each list must have ten entries. Share some of the lists with the group. This clears the air and lightens the load. Then, back to work.

10. Have each person pick one or two points to implement within 48 hours of the training. Early, easy success promotes continues success.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of tips to make your training more compelling and effective, but it’s a start. What two tips will you implement within the next 48 hours so you can have early success?

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