The 7 Most Powerful Negotiation Tips To Ensure You Get What You Really Want

The corporate world has become extremely challenging, so whether you are based out of Tampa or anyplace else in America, negotiations have become an essential tool in your everyday corporate life.  By adding the following powerful tips to enhance the training you have already received, you will soon be able to become a master negotiator.

Step #1 Preparation Is Key

Before you enter into the room to start your negotiating, you must already have in mind precisely what you want to get from the negotiation.  It is best to rehearse your proposed presentation at least several times to reinforce your key feature points, as well as being able to feel more confident during your presentation.  While it is totally understandable to be nervous and to feel a bit stressed by the negotiations, by rehearsing your proposal, it will help to keep you focused and give you the confidence you need.

Step #2 Put Your Emotions on Ice

Whenever you allow your emotions to take over, it is almost a guarantee that it will stand in the way of your otherwise clear headed thinking.  If during your negotiations you become antagonistic, or angry, you are bound to miss your window of opportunity, not to mention lose a bit of your professional credibility.  After all, when was the last time you paid close attention when someone was ranting?

Step #3 Negotiation Is A Two Way Street

It is important to remember that to successfully perform a negotiation, it is essential that you convey to the other side how what you have to offer will be of benefit to them.  When both sides feel there is something to be gained through negotiation, you will be on the winning path.

Step #4 Set The Bar High

Perhaps one of the most powerful things about negotiations is that many people underestimate its power.  You might very well find yourself surprised to find out how many times you might actually be able to get even more than you were originally anticipating.  By setting the bar high, you will be able to see exactly where the other side of negotiators stand.  If you don’t get what you want, it’s no problem, because you still have it within your power to now negotiate down and get what you actually wanted.

Step #5 It Might Be Time To Step Away

One powerful tactic you can employ if you feel that the negotiations aren’t proceeding as you planned, is to be prepared to walk away.  This break in the negotiation will give each side the opportunity to re-examine their offers and needs.  Be sure to be very respectful when you address the other party to let them know your concern that you feel the negotiations have encountered a problem, and to continue right now would not be in anyone’s best interest.

Step #6 It May Not Mean A Thing Without It Being In Writing

After you have mutually reached an agreement, it is critical that this agreement be captured on paper.  By clearly spelling out the agreed to offer, it will clear up any points of confusion, as well as ensure that all parties involved will stay true to their committed, written words.

Step #7 Seeking Out Expert Advice

Should you find that the results you are getting as a result of your negotiations are not meeting up to your expectations, then the time may be right to call in someone to perform corporate training.  Trainers in this field of expertise can offer a wide array of tips and techniques that will prove to be extremely useful in any rounds of negotiations.

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