The Importance Of Celebrating Your Employees Accomplishments

Everybody likes to be rewarded for their hard work, so it makes sense that celebrating the achievements of employees has a positive effect on morale and productivity. There are lots of different types of goals that can be celebrated in the office: high sales numbers, gained clients, project completions, promotions or any other special occasion that will make an employee feel valuable to the company. Celebrating an achievement is a great way for everyone to recharge and focus on the goals yet to be completed. They know that their hard work and dedication will not be for nothing. There are many types of rewards programs that you can use or other strategies. There are many companies that help employers with these such as O.C Tanner.

What Should Be Celebrated?

Celebrations don’t have to only revolve around business achievements; they can also recognize personal milestones like birthdays and anniversaries. The most important thing to remember is to be consistent. Employees whose birthdays and anniversaries are forgotten will feel slighted and forgotten. Many companies decide to bundle birthdays by the month or the week in order to prevent a lot of wasted time. When it comes to departmental goals and achievements, a group focused celebration is better than individual rewards. Company goals are usually accomplished through a group effort, and employees may become resentful of managers who get all the credit for a group’s hard work.

Communicate the Milestone

Communicating an achievement or milestone throughout the company can make an employee feel important to the organization. This can be accomplished through a newsletter or company-wide email. This type of communication is great for promotions and other company related achievements, but news about personal milestones are better left to intimate groups of people that work directly with the individual. This is especially true in companies with hundreds or thousands of employees. Emails and newsletters about birthdays that are sent out to the whole company can easily get lost in the shuffle and lose all meaning.

Parties and Luncheons

One of the best ways to celebrate a milestone or achievement is to take employees out for lunch or treat them to a catered meal inside the office. The size of the event will depend on the type of achievement. For individual celebrations, a small lunch with a select group of employees is appropriate. If a whole department is getting rewarded, then a nice hour and a half lunch at a local restaurant works great. For goals and milestones that involve the whole company, a company-wide outing to a local park or venue is a great way to spread appreciation among all the employees.

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