Time Management: Keys To Being More Productive At Work

People who trade time for dimes care less about productivity, because; for them, the money earned is directly proportional to time spent at work, but for people who work for themselves and for people who get paid for performance; productivity is one of the key factors that decides success in their career.

Personal Power

High productivity starts with personal power. The inner energy reflects and radiates in every decision, action and communication. Some of the elements affecting personal power are; good sleep habits, food practices and workout routines. Take inner energy to a higher level using music, meditation and visualization techniques. Once the mind and body are in sync and ready for peak performance, focus on external factors. Do not hesitate to invest in personal productivity training, to get faster results.

Dedicate A Space For Work

Distractions kill the focus and hence the productivity. Dedicating a space for work, could greatly increase productivity. To achieve this high-production environment in a home office, one does not require a large house or apartment. Be prudent and creative. Freeing up a closet or a garage space should serve this purpose.

In a corporate atmosphere, most of the offices have cubicles to maximize focus; avoid creating distractions, in the name of personalizing the cubicle.

Keep Workspace Clutter Free

Keeping things organized; certainly, is a wonderful skill. Find right organizers to keep files, supplies and inventory. File cabinets, cable management systems and desktop organizers are some of the examples. Start using digital medium instead of physical format whenever possible. Digital format takes negligible physical space and also, easy to organize and access.

Take Advantage of Productivity Tools

Leveraging efforts and being on track are two key elements, to accomplish more in less time. Several tools are available online and offline; to achieve this goal. Mind-Mapping software, teleconferencing tools, apps, and alerts are some of the examples.

The 80-20 Rule

Remember, that 80 percent of results are produced only by 20 percent of actions. Identify, which of the actions lead to high-productive results. Just prioritizing the tasks could multifold the accomplishments. Eliminate the unwanted routines, group the tasks, learn to delegate and reach the heights.

Many personal productivity training programs are available, to shorten the learning curve and bring results sooner; start looking for one. There is no wrong time for doing a right thing.

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