How to Choose the Right Graduate Career in Accordance to Your Degree

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How to Choose the Right Graduate Career in Accordance to Your Degree

Today, the knowledge economy has created a great demand for university education. Those who are interested in getting ahead are taking university education very seriously. As people get this higher education, the job market gets flooded with competent human resource and the competition for employment becomes stiff. As a university leaver, you need to research on how to choose the right graduate career in accordance to your degree. It is only after this determination that one can be able to fight of competition and land a job that is both paying and satisfying.

A graduate degree in Psychology for instance predisposes one to a variety of options in the job market. The market has many options but before one determines the right one for themselves it is necessary to first determine the areas of psychology that interest him/her additionally, let one also determine whether they are interested in advanced learning. Once one has made this determination, it is easy to pick from one of the employment areas: mental health, business and education. In mental health, one can become a counselor or a psychiatrist. In the field of education, one can become an educational psychologist or a school psychologist. These professionals will give advice on matters of behavior and teaching psychology.

How to choose the right graduate career in accordance to your degree is also a difficulty for young lawyers fresh from university. Upon determination of the area of interest one is inclined towards, it is possible to pick from the many options available to law graduates. When one has successfully gone through law school and graduated with honors, he/she will have an area of the law that he/she majored in during the study. If for instance one majored in health law, he/she will have to determine which areas of health law appeals more. There is the administrative, litigation and transactional areas of health law. If one is good in face-to-face arguments in court then he/she can go for the litigation part of health law. If one does not prefer this, then there is the option of administrative law.

As a graduate with biology major, there are many opportunities. Again, this determination has to be based on the passion one feels for a certain field. A student who has cleared university with biology major can become a teacher after doing a short course in education. The question now becomes whether he/she is ready to study more. A biology major can also get one a job in administration where one plans food programs and drug testing programs. The graduate can as well get a job managing a botanical garden.

In the field of education, an alumna has to determine whether he/she is interested in scholarly work or just in teaching and administration. The individual who prefers scholarly work will not opt for a master’s in education since this degree is terminal meaning that it does not go on to PhD. However, a graduate who is interested in administration in education will pick this degree as it enhances his/her chances of getting a better job. A graduate who wishes to change careers say from sociology to education can take a masters of arts in teaching- MAT. This degree is terminal and does not require one to write a thesis therefore the transition is swift.

Students who get a business administration degree from university have a wide range of options that they can pick from in terms of employment. The determination of the career path that one wants should not be driven entirely by the rewards, but to a large extent the individual’s talent and liking. As a graduate in business administration, an individual can opt to work as an underwriter, a management trainee or even a business consultant. The individual who excelled in business law will find employment as an underwriter more rewarding.

A considerable percentage of alumnae from university are inclined to pick a certain career based entirely on the reward. This decision is not wise since it is driven by extrinsic motivators which if relinquished would leave one at odds with the employer. How to choose the right graduate career in accordance to your degree is more of a challenge than many will acknowledge. With the above insights, one will find that the choice made reflects on one’s talent and future plans and to some extent the reward hence satisfying.

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