Three Ways to Improve Productivity in Your Warehouse

Any business owner knows that better efficiency in the warehouse will lower business costs and put more money on the bottom line. When it comes to boosting productivity in the warehouse, there are three things that every business owner can do which will make warehouse personnel more effective and allow your company to ship more orders.

Use Inventory Software

Companies that have been warehousing since before the rise of the Internet will sometimes fight the necessity to automate their functions. Investing in inventory control software does not mean that you will have to lay off workers. It means that you will get improved productivity out of those workers.

An inventory control program will keep all of your orders separate, generate accurate packing slips and maintain an accurate ongoing inventory for sales and purchasing. This kind of software not only improves the productivity in your warehouse, but it improves the productivity of your entire organization.

Keep Packing Organized

A packing area that is not organized costs your company big in lost productivity and supplies. When employees cannot find the proper packing materials, they will either spend time looking for them, or use whatever is close by. This wastes time and can lead to improper product packing. Your damaged shipments will go up and your customer service will suffer.

By implementing strict policies on packing area organization, you will improve efficiency and significantly reduce the things that lose you money. When your packing area is organized, your employees can find the supplies that they need to get their jobs done. This eliminates the need to keep buying new supplies just because the existing supplies cannot be found.

Efficient Receiving

Most logistics managers do not look at receiving as an area to improve productivity, but good receiving practices can reduce costs and get inventory checked in quicker. Develop a delivery schedule with your shipping companies that will allow you to schedule receiving personnel more effectively.

Your computer automated inventory system will allow you to compare the actual shipment to your company purchase order and get products into inventory much faster. The faster the products are available, the quicker sales can turn those products into profit.

Your company warehouse is often considered an area where many of your costs are accumulated. But if you learn how to properly maintain and run your warehouse, then you can increase productivity and significantly lower your warehouse costs.

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Lyndsi Decker is a freelance writer that is currently promoting a telescopic boom conveyor. She blogs about business related issues and enjoys traveling.

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