The Best in the Business: How to Be THAT Manager

Talented managers inspire staff to achieve more and create positive and productive workplaces. To become the best in the business, supervisors need to reflect, adapt and stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and technology.

Understand Strengths

Talented supervisors can look at an office or workplace and identify everyone’s strengths. Some people are rich communicators whereas others are organized and better at logistics and planning. By understanding people’s strengths and weaknesses, managers can better delegate tasks and develop goals.

Be Present

The worst manager is someone who does not practice what they preach or is routinely absent from the office. Supervisors have to take the time to participate in teambuilding, meetings and the grunt work. Staying visible ensures that managers can connect and bond with staff and create an atmosphere of respect.

Hold Staff Accountable

The best managers are clear about their expectations and follow up with staff that are or are not meeting these standards. Regular reviews and feedback sessions encourage collaboration between staff and their supervisor. If people are held accountable for their actions, then employees feel supported and everyone is on the same page.

Thank People

Employees want to feel honored and respected. When important anniversaries or birthdays come up, managers should take a moment to acknowledge this with a card, certificate or small gift. Observant supervisors make sure to thank people when they complete a project or meet a goal. Thanking people for their time and work only takes a few moments but has some serious ramifications.

Encourage Collaboration

Technology today makes it easy for people to work on the same project even while in different locations. Managers should create opportunities for people to work together on projects. This also means that there should be intentional teambuilding activities so that different departments can come together and get to know one another.


Lastly, managers should stay up-to-date with the latest technology to ensure the office is run efficiently. There is no need to struggle with filing and filing cabinets in this digital world. Smart managers are continuous learners who are creative and innovative. They also stay up to date with technology such as  and their business metrics dashboard. People should never become complacent with how the office is run. Change is a good thing if a business wants to keep up with the competition.

Dynamic managers establish a culture that everyone understands. Structure, accountability and sharp communication are all key pieces of talented supervisors. The right environment helps employees thrive. Managers who want to inspire staff need to reflect on everyone’s strengths, brainstorm how to make operations efficient and value people’s time. By understanding that a company is a community, supervisors can best support a business’s goals and staff’s needs.

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