Sales Training: Why it’s Important

Sales is the foundation of every business. Connecting with your customer and hitting his or her hot spots can make or break even the simplest of sales. If you interact with customers on a regular basis then you are responsible for the productivity of your business. Whether you are in a self-employed start up or a traditional corporate setting, your performance in sales can always boost your career. Sales training can help you develop your sales skills.

Here’s a quick guideline to customer interaction:

1. Introduction
It’s always important to greet your customer (whether through phone, email or face to face) with a friendly demeanor. Try to spark a quick conversation with him or her at any point during your interaction and make yourself sound more approachable. You want to be his or her friend. Try to find a common ground to talk about; compliment his tie or talk about the local sports team. This will make him or her more comfortable and willing to put his trust in you and your product.

2. Questioning
Ease your conversation back to your product by asking some questions. Find the customers hot spots by noticing what he or she reacts to the greatest, and what he thinks is important. The customer won’t always tell you what they value the most in a product up front, so it’s up to you to find out. Ask him or her what they’re looking for, and tailor your questions to your product. Let’s say you’re a shoe salesman. You can ask him what he or she does for a living and try to tailor the shoe to that. Does he like to exercise?

3. Sales Presentation
Here is where you use those questions. Lightly go over the details he yawned at and really push the details that apply to him. Your customer works in construction so you know he needs a good pair of boots, but he also exercises on the side. You can talk about the durability of the boot, or comfort when wearing them for long periods of time. One of these details is probably going to really catch his attention. Once he decides to go for a certain pair of boots, you can suggest to him a good pair of work-out shoes, possibly doubling your sale in that interaction with just a little bit of groundwork.

Overall, it’s best to go by two rules: Know your product, and know your customer. When you start bringing in more sales, your employer will notice, and that’s a game changer. Check out more about sales training, and you’ll further your career to new heights.

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