Make Your Workstation Beautiful and Functional

At times, office environment may seem to be boring and dull. It is even possible that your workstation is not suited to your specific needs.

When you join a business organization, you only get basic equipment and furniture. It is up to you to make sure that the furniture and equipment suit your temperament and work ethics. There is no need to feel suffocated or dull in your office. Some minor modifications and additions can completely enhance the visual appeal of your office and make it more functional. You can try to enhance some existing features and add little color as long as it makes your work easier and more fun.

Position Your Workstation Properly

The best way to make sure your day begins with some extra energy is by placing your workstation near a window. This will be an excellent source of fresh air and light.

It is also important to keep essentials nearby. Some of these include bookshelves, storage boxes, newspaper stands and so on. Your phone needs to be within your reach. There are many people who tend to misplace their phones and miss important calls in crucial times. Therefore, keeping your phone in a specific place near your workstation will be a smart choice.

Keep A Flower Pot

One of the best ways to add more color to your workplace is to keep a flower pot nearby. A small or medium sized flower pot on your workstation will look perfect. You can keep colorful plants which are easy to maintain. Some of these include rubber plant, photos, philodendrons and ferns.

Keep Your Family Close

Basically, this advice is all about keeping the memories close. You can keep a couple of photos of your family in good-looking frames to give a personal touch to your workstation. However, avoid keeping a lot of pictures. Too many pictures can be distracting. Pictures of your loved ones around you will keep you fresh and active throughout the day.

Vibrant Office Supplies

Some offices have strict policies regarding office supplies. Buy you can still get a few creative and unusual items if they are necessary to perform everyday tasks. Usually, people tend to use basic office supplies which seem to lose their beauty and value in just a few days. You can brighten up your workstation by using colorful pen holders, staplers, pens, paper clips and pencils. These are available in many different colors and designs.

Adequate Lighting is Important

If you want to maintain good eyesight, you need to install a good lamp for adequate lighting. The combination of a lamp and workstation looks natural and perfect. Good lightning over your workplace is also important for your mood – there is a reason why people associate the dark with negativity and aggression, so it’s best to avoid working in a poorly lit place.

Inspiring Quotes on the Walls

A basic collage of inspirational quotes and pictures on the surrounding walls will enhance the visual appeal of your workstation. You can use pictures of animals, scenery, vehicles, modern technology, old art, architecture and pretty much anything that you find appealing. Everyone one of these will prove to be a nice background for your workstation.

Start Using Modern Gadgets

If you are not already using modern gadgets, it’s high time you should use them. You need to use certain gadgets which completely align with your office furniture and fulfill a specific purpose. You can use brain teasers, 3D puzzles, figurines, desktop coffee maker, USB coffee warmer, digital clock, digital calendar and so on. These gadgets will make sure that your workstation not only looks more interesting to the onlookers, but also functions properly.

These were just some of the suggestions you can use to make your workstation look unique and still maintain its functionality. With these simple tips, you won’t have to clog your workspace with unnecessary objects. However, it is important to consult with your superiors before making any changes. They will be able to guide you about company policies, rules and regulations. You should make sure that you don’t go overboard while trying to make your workplace awesome, and you can only do that if your station is appreciated by almost everyone around you.

Mark made his workstation in Brisbane stand out by getting a nice comfortable office chair and loads of crazy, but useful objects to surround him. His coworkers followed suit, and now their office is often talked about by visitors.

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