Company Gifts That You Can Give To New Employees

What better way to make a new employee feel appreciated on day one than to give him or her a welcoming gift? Company gifts need not be expensive, and they should not be too personal in nature. Rather, they should simply be useful and attractive. And if you wrap this present, or place it inside a gift bag, and if you include a card with a personalized, handwritten note, it will be all the more special to the recipient. Below are a few company gift categories from which you can choose.

#3. Special Office Supplies
Sure, your company probably provides its entire workforce with all necessary office supplies: computers, staplers, pencils, and so forth. But why not bestow upon a new worker a piece of equipment that is not merely functional but actually worth treasuring? To that end, you might give him or her a stylish stylus pen, a colorful daily calendar, a squeezable stress-relieving doll, a pen holder that can also hold family photographs, a leather computer case, or a decorative paperweight. For male employees, a shaving products kit might also be considered a work-related product. After all, when men keep all of their items for shaving in one package, it helps them get ready in the morning a little faster, and thus makes it easier to get to work on time.

#2. Hats and Shirts
Articles of clothing rarely make appropriate workplace gifts — with the exception of caps and T-shirts, especially those that sport the company’s name and/or official logo. What’s more, if you give all your workers similar hats and shirts, everyone can wear their corporate gear whenever you host a company picnic or other casual event. And when that happens, it fosters a palpable sense of unity and team spirit. Plus, whenever your employees go out after work, on vacation, or on weekends wearing these items, they’ll be advertising your brand. Be aware, too, that you can have the first names of your new employees printed on their hats or shirts.

#1. Products for Foods and Beverages
It’s the rare worker who doesn’t savor coffee and snack breaks, as well as the lunch hour. And you can acknowledge the value of those relaxing times of day by giving a new employee a coffee mug, a lunchbox, a pizza cutter, a thermos, or a water bottle. Furthermore, as with hats and shirts, you can easily go online and find a company that will decorate those items with company names and logos. Note as well that thermoses and water bottles can be especially helpful gifts. That’s because they may encourage your staff members to drink water throughout the day. Indeed, the only way a person can consistently perform at peak levels is to stay hydrated all day long.

Finally, another popular food-related present for a supervisor to give a new employee is a gift card for a local diner, bakery, or coffee shop.

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