Sales Training: Slowing Down Your Approach to Improve the Quality of your Pitch

There are many ways in which you can improve the quality of your pitch, some of which work incredibly well, like the techniques in this blog, and others can be not so successful. The best way to know whether or not your pitch is going to be a success is by slowing down your approach and preparation to improve the quality of your pitch.

Every good salesperson knows that preparation is key. As the old saying goes, by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.

Do your homework:

If you don’t do your homework then your meeting with a potential client can quickly turn into a frail cold call by a telemarketer. A few questions you need to know the answers to include:

Who is your potential client?

What is happening right now in their industry?

What are their needs and concerns?

What do your products and services offer to meet those needs?

Why is your business the right choice?

Make it real:

You need to connect with the client/customer and to do that the best possible technique is to show that you understand their everyday life, their recurring issues and to try and fix them with your product. Make your examples as real as possible, even ask them for a situation in which they feel like they’re struggling and then you spin that situation around to include your product/service making the customers life easier. You need to come across as an expert in the field in which you are selling.


The digital revolution has seen many cool, interactive devices come about which can massively improve your sales pitch. For example, video call previous users of the product for testimonials and a firsthand experience account of what it’s like working with you. With the :huge choice of technology you are sure to find something that can be integrated into your pitch to add value.


How long does it really take to explain the purpose of the product/service you are selling? Could you condense that down into short, hard hitting bullet points to create impact and put you above all the other salespeople? If you are rambling around the point you will lose interest and the client will not remember much of the pitch, if any.

Studies show that the average person can only remember four things at once. Try and sort your pitch into four key points:

The name of your product or service

The purpose of your product or service

The main two features of your product or service that puts it above the rest

Shorten your pitch, leave out some points that aren’t massive selling points, this allows the customer to interact with you by asking questions which allows you to expand and slowly increase the amount of information you provide the customer in a conversation style. Remember, there is nothing wrong with repeating something to get your message across. Remember, there is nothing wrong with repeating something to get your message across.

Keep it simple:

Peoples eloquence and level of academic intelligence differs by a huge amount from person to person, you need to appeal to everyone. As my old Physical Education teacher told me Keep It Simple Stupid (an easy way to remember this is with the acronym: KISS). For the wider audience to understand you, you need to use language everyone understands and not buzzwords and acronyms specific to your industry.

The best technique to use is mimicking your potential customer, this creates a connection between you two and puts the customer at ease making them more comfortable giving you money.

Your voice should portray self-confidence, this helps a lot if you are new to the sales trade. Again, mimic the customer’s tone of voice and body signals, if they speak softly so do you.

A good way of using this technique is by nodding and saying yes when you want the customer to say yes and vice versa for no.  Most of the time the customer will copy you.

To summarize, the best salespeople are the ones who do their homework, prepare, keep it simple, interact with the customer and consider the duration of the pitch and the attention span of the customer.

This article was written by Adam Stevens, a copywriter who writes about all things business for  Upfront Business Development who specializes in successful business growth.


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