Great Promotional Gifts That Will Motivate Your Employees for Success

In an uncertain economy, it can be tempting to forgo certain luxuries in the workplace like holiday events, staff birthday parties or yearly bonuses. However, rewarding your employees for a job well done is one extra that you shouldn’t skip. Employees want to feel appreciated, and one solid way to show your appreciation for their commitment and performance is to reward them with promotional gifts. The following offers five great promotional gifts that will encourage your employees to succeed.

Local Partnership Gifts

Does your business partner with any local organizations or charities? You might give your employees certificates for local art classes, cultural experiences or outdoor adventures. Rewarding your employees can be a mutually beneficial transaction for you and your community if you partner with local groups to offer interesting incentives.

Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions can be a great way to offer a personalized, ongoing gift to your employee. If you have a beer aficionado in the office, for example, you might offer him/her a Beer of the Month Club subscription. Because you recognized their specific interest and rewarded them with an ongoing gift, they’ll be more likely to continually put forth extra effort at work.

Company Swag

Promotional company gifts make a great impression and can be used as subtle marketing. Pens, mugs and other stationery items make useful gifts, but shirts and long-sleeved pullovers really make an impact. You can reward your employees for great performance by giving them personalized company clothing that they can wear on or off the clock.

Personalized Gift Baskets

Personalized gift baskets make a great gift for employees for two reasons: You can fill them with just about anything, and they make the employee feel particularly special. They don’t need to be extravagant. For the movie buff at the office, simply fill a small basket with a gift certificate for your local movie theater, some popcorn and a few boxes of candy.

Extra Vacation Days

Everyone loves paid time off, and while you might already allow your employees generous company leave time, you can really make an impact by offering an extra day off to employees who go above and beyond their performance goals. This will encourage people to work hard for a great payout. The extra work they do to earn this reward will more than compensate for the extra leave they take.

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