Support Your Employees: Five Ideas for Workplace Awards

Successful business owners are aware of how important it is to reward employees for a job well done. Employees that feel appreciated, are more likely to work harder and use less personal time off. Coming up with awards that send the right message can be difficult. You want to come off as sincerely appreciative. Here are six ways you can show your employees that you appreciate them.

Gift Card

Gift cards to restaurants, or other places are always a good idea. It is a way for your employees to show their family and friends that they are appreciated at work. The employee’s spouse will also be grateful for the meal. Research has shown that when the family is happy, employees are better workers.


Everybody needs an “at-a-boy” sometimes. You get bonus points when it is done in front of others. If the company has an e-mail or newsletter that is circulated, include their picture. Add a write-up of their projects or accomplishments. Display the article on the office bulletin board. Not only is this showing recognition, but it is also showing other employees that they will be rewarded for good work.

Time Off

Whether it is taking an extra hour over the lunch break, or taking a full day off, let your employees enjoy some time to themselves on the clock. This is especially good for those times when an employee has been putting in extra hours, or recently tackled a high-stress project. It will give them some time to recuperate while feeling important.

Parking Spot

If parking is limited at your place of business, designate one spot for the employee of the month. If no spot is available, offer your spot for a month. Letting employees see that you are willing to sacrifice for them when they perform, can motivate more good work.

Lapel Pins

Pins are gifts that serve several functions. They can wear them around the office which gives them recognition. They can bring them home to their show them off to family and friends. They can also keep them for years. Some lapel pins are even passed down to children or grandchildren. For employee recognition lapel pins, PinPros is a good place to look and customize them to your company.

Recognizing the hard work of your employees is worth any amount you spend. You will make your employees feel valued and appreciated, and not only will your workplace be a more enjoyable place to work, but it will also be more productive.

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