Time Management: Are You a Business Owner Swamped with Work? 5 Ways to Lighten the Load

Many entrepreneurs and business managers find themselves under an ever growing workload and no help in managing it in sight. This can be a very stressful situation that can lead to productivity loss and unintended mistakes that can severely hamper progress. There are several things that can be done to reduce the fatigue and see light at the end of the long workday tunnel for those that are willing to commit to a few changes in how the arrange their businesses labor distribution. Here are a list of the 5 most effective methods for getting out of under a severe work overload and to make sure that it stays that way for good.

Delegate mundane tasks to others

Business owners and executive climbers are notorious for not wanting to give up responsibility for even the most minute task associated with the projects that they helped create. At some point before the second heart attack there has to be a realization that even Superman had Lois to handle things back at the Daily Planet.

Hire a VA – Locally or Anywhere Worldwide

Reaching out for help does not have to end with your own organization, or even your own country. Virtual assistants are just like their real world counterparts, but do not have to be in your locality or command regional wages. The longer it takes you to reallize that you need assistance, the longer you will stay buried in your work.

Automation – The Metal File Cabinet Is Dead

Automating most of your record keeping tasks and storage is as common sense as having the secretary mimeograph the tax statements. White Label Backup Servers can keep your home office, your assistants in the Philippines, and you all on the same page with secure and reliable data backup and brand consistency.

Become Location Independent – Work while you work out

Try to arrange an agreement with your employer or rearrange your physical responsibilities to accommodate telecommuting or other location independent arrangements at least part of the time, if not full time. Being free to carry on with normal life while at the same time being productive in the business world can be liberating.

Get a Life Already – Step Away From The Gerbil Wheel

Make a decision to evaluate whether the work you are doing even needs to be done. Often those with professional responsibilities create impossible workplace

conditions for themselves for no reason at all. Getting out and attending even the smallest social function or family activity can be the perfect refresher of business energy.

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