Time Mangement: How Going Paperless as a Business Is Easy

One thing that can eat up resources in an office is printing, sorting, mailing, faxing and filing paperwork. It’s a lot of work, and it helps contribute to the destruction of forests to produce more paper. Thankfully, eliminating paper from your office isn’t nearly as difficult as it sounds. Simply use the steps listed below.

Purchase Portable Scanners

To get rid of paper in your office, you’ll need to dispose of documents as soon as you receive them. Purchase a few portable scanners for you and your employees. As you receive documents, you can scan then through these devices. Files in any format you wish will be automatically produced. You can store these documents on your computer network and back them up on a cloud server. The original paperwork can then be shredded and recycled.

Send Electronic Memos

Many offices are stuck in the past in regards to sending out endless paper memos. If there’s anything important you need your employees to read, it can simply be sent via e-mail. You can have your employees be automatically notified of new company e-mail via an alert on the taskbar of your computers’ operating systems.

Use Electronic Signature Software

The paperwork used for signing contracts can also be done away with. One way you can do this is through the use of simple electronic signature software. Using this software, a business partner or customer can simply sign on an iPad with a stylus to produce a digital signature that looks the same as a traditional signature. This produces a signed contract without the paper.

Implement Digital Payroll

You can install certain computer programs to manage your payroll completely online. This includes bills as well as your employees’ paychecks. Instead of printing out actual checks, you can simply deposit their pay directly into their bank accounts.

Switch to Digital Faxing

There are now fax machines on the market that are completely paperless. You can receive faxes as digital files and send them out as digital files as well. Having a fax machine is still required for most businesses, but no longer do you have to deal with all the paper they produce.

Going paperless has many benefits. It can save on overhead expenses, make your business processes more efficient and help the environment. Almost every office can go paperless with a little effort. It will help keep your company competitive for the long term.

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