5 Must Have Job Positions for Companies Looking To Expand

One of the most important steps when expanding a business is to hire the right people to help a company to better serve its customers. Though every position is important, there are some roles that play a key part of a company’s success. Business owners and managers need to be certain to hire the right person to fill these five positions.

Human Resources Manager

To hire the right people to fill a company’s needs, the company must have a competent human resources manager. An HR manager works to identify a company’s employment needs and to find the right person to fill that position. HR managers also play an important role in assuring that job searches and hiring practices are implemented in a legal manner.

IT Manager

Modern businesses must have a competent IT manager to plan and direct the company’s technological endeavors. From maintaining an intranet system to bolster internal communication to keeping a website running to allow customers to buy goods and services, IT managers must have a wide range of skills. An IT manager must have technical skills to perform tasks such as creating a cat 5e wiring diagram as well the interpersonal skills to teach co-workers to use software applications that will help them to better perform their job.

Sales Person

No business can succeed without the right sales team. A company that makes a great product but is unable to successfully market the product will go out of business as quickly as a company that makes a terrible product. No matter what a business is selling, the business must have competent sales people who are able to get customers to purchase the business’s product.

Compliance Officer

A compliance officer is a relatively new position in many industries. Compliance officers make certain that a business and its employees follow the ever increasing number of rules and regulations governing commerce. This ranges from assuring the protection of customer information to appropriately maintaining personnel records. The work of a compliance officer protects businesses against litigation, fines and penalties.

IT Technician

IT technicians play a hands-on role in maintaining a company’s technology. From running cat 5 wiring through a crawl space to replacing a malfunctioning cooling fan on a mainframe, an IT technician needs to have a wide variety of skills and knowledge. As the IT environment is ever changing, a person interested in working as an IT technician needs to be willing to constantly learn new technologies and techniques to stay current.

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