Five Questions Hiring Managers Should Always Ask

Hiring quality employees requires careful consideration and skillful tactics. Once you get a potential employee in your office for an interview, it is crucial to have a well-though-out list of questions that will help you unveil whether or not the applicant will fit into the business culture. There are five questions hiring managers should always ask in order to make choices that will best benefit the business.

1. Weaknesses

It is easy to get an applicant to tell you what they are good at, but it can catch them off-guard when you ask them their biggest weakness. Those who answer with generic responses such as “I’m a bad cook,” are not thinking critically about the question, and this may not be the best person for the job. Look for answers that tie into the business, and find out what they have done to overcome the weakness.

2. The Future

A great way to find out if an applicant is goal-oriented is to ask them where they see themselves in five years. The answer will tell you a lot about the applicant, and you should look for someone who is always trying to better themselves.

3. Under Pressure

In every business, there are moments of high pressure, and the way employees respond can make an enormous difference in the final outcome. Ask the candidate how they handle high-pressure moments. Their ability to think quickly and make rational and reasonable decisions can help tremendously in high-stress situations.

4. Who Would You Meet

Good character is important when it comes to an employee. A great way to find out more about an applicant’s values is to ask them, if they could meet anyone in history, who it would be.

5. Need Vs. Want

You want employees who have an interest in your industry. Unfortunately, there will be many applicants that are just looking for a job. Ask them why they want to work with you. Their answer will quickly show you whether they have a passion for the job or just need to pay the bills.

Hire Employees That Will Benefit the Company

The unemployment rate is high, and there are a number of people looking for work. Unfortunately, not all are a good fit for your company, and it can be confusing to filter through a long list of applicants. Using human resources software for businesses to keep track of applicants and asking these five questions can help reveal which applicants are the best for the job.

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