Sales Search: Five Resources to Find Salespeople

For those that have flourished in the world of sales, you may certainly know how to drive business. That said, there isn’t a hiring manager or organisation in any industry that won’t admit locating not only “good” salespeople, but true superstars in this realm can be a challenge. This article will give anyone looking for a future superstar five current, relevant, simple, and usable avenues for their next search.

1. Start Internally with your Own Top Performers

A double-edged sword of the sales sector can be the constant movement of employees. This happens for countless reasons: from opportunities for greater compensation (we’ve all skimmed, to the desire to work for a stronger organisation–these countless dynamics play a significant role in this constant “shuffling”. Most top performers for your own organisation are constantly in the field and know quite well their competition (reps with other vendors). That person may even sell an inferior product or service, but “somehow” often gets the sale and steals market share. It’s worth checking to see if they are truly happy where they currently are.

2. Find the Miss-placed “Up-And-Comer”

These are naturally talented people that “ended up in sales somehow”, but are currently underutilized by misplacement within an undesirable industry or company (they are ready to graduate to bigger-ticket items/clients). They are often under-appreciated by their current employers–whether it be from lack of recognition, compensation, or simply being under-challenged. They ooze of natural talent and merely need a greater platform to showcase their unlimited potential.

3. Professional Staffing Companies

When appropriately focused, this approach very often works (know exactly what you are/are not looking for). Knowing how to cut straight to the valuable sources by utilizing proven staffing firms (who always have open access to top talent) more than matters. If your interest is in cutting to the chase, you may even view sales vacancies online. It’s no news the web has altered the labor market for good.

4. Promote from Within

Often, there is that someone internally that only needs a chance, coupled with strong training and leadership. They have little “true” sales experience, but do already know your business and have proved they are a likeable “overachiever”. Perhaps they are ready for a taste of the real action?

5. Antiquated, Copycat Hiring Practices (Do Like “Everyone Else” Does)

If you are not the industry leader in hiring practices (with recognition and enviable results), following the “industry standard” approach is overrated and not recommended. Why? Using an antiquated system in hiring theology is most often followed by antiquated results (one that may have, at a much earlier period in the budding industry, even been considered the benchmark or standard). As industries evolve and human capital shifts along with these budding sectors, this approach was perhaps inherited from the hire of a person or persons from yesterday’s notable name and was too often used (copied), and to no surprise–comes with little or no success in your own quest for a viable, long term solution.

If your organisation’s sales force is indeed the face of your company to the marketplace externally–who doesn’t want to hire top guns to be in front of their clients? Following the middle of the pack in hiring practices will produce just that in results: the middle of the pack and ensuing mediocrity.

Overall, utilizing any of the five resources listed above (with a cautious eye open for number five), will most often provide desired results in the search for your next top producer.

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