Securing Funds: Six Steps to a Flourishing Fundraiser

When creating a fundraiser, it’s important to both inspire and entertain long-time clients and potential clients. When we treat clients as friends, business becomes a win-win proposition. Here are just a few steps towards hosting a successful fundraiser.

1. Enjoy Yourself

In contemporary medical circles, many psychiatrists are coming around to the idea that people pass on their emotions to others; that is, emotions can be contagious. When we have a happy demeanor, other people are likely to pick up on these emotional cues and feel happy, too. This is why you must pick the right person to act as host and maintain the environment you want.

2. Expect Great Things

It’s a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy: When we expect a fundraiser to go well, chances are we’ll make that success happen, one way or another. Take a moment before a fundraiser to remember why you’ve organized it and what makes you good at this. When you’ve worked hard for something, remember to congratulate yourself for a job well done.

3. Make Sure Visitors Have a Memory to Take Home with Them

When we provide promotional items to visitors and clients at fundraisers, they can better remember our brand and company. These promotional products can be imprinted with your organization’s logo and contact details so every time they are used by event attendees, you gain marketing exposure for your event. With organizations like Halo providing products like Halo promo totes customized for our events, we can create positive emotions and associations for clients, customers and visitors. Promotional tote bags are just one way to grab peoples’ attention and allow them to revisit positive memories on a daily basis. You can also use promotional products like these during giveaways and contests or even when you are at an industry-specific trade show or conference.

4. Build a Small Website

In the internet age, businesses that have a website have the advantage of having essentially free promotional tools at their disposal. Prior to a fundraiser, be sure you have a website. Even social media sites like Tumbler and Facebook are popular with businesses lately, and at no cost such sites are easy to use and can only do good.

5. Be Kind to Everyone

Treat everyone equally at a fundraiser, and you’ll soon find that your reputation will skyrocket. No one likes a snob; conversely, egalitarianism is not only the right attitude to take but also a great way to meet new people. Remember that everyone is important, regardless of their social background, and treat them accordingly.

6. Know the Value of What You’re Raising Funds For

If you’re asking people to contribute funds, be sure to believe in what you’re raising those funds for! Inspire people and bring them over to your side and your cause. It’s your moment: Seize it!

No matter what the circumstances, remember that a fundraiser can always go well on any budget with the right attitude and materials at hand. Encourage everyone participating to do their best, and your fundraiser will almost certainly be a success.

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