How to Create Goals for Your Company In 2014

To create goals for your company in 2014, begin by deciding what goals should be short-term and which ones will be classified as long-term.

Creating Long-Term Goals

Long-term goals should usually be what the company wants to accomplish in the next three to five years.

Long-term goals are usually divided into four categories: Growth of the company, Service (meaning providing great service to gain loyal and repeat customers), Company profits and how much they should increase, Social goals focused on how the company can give to the community.

Long term goals are goals that are ultimately realized in the company’s future. To get there, a company needs to have a set of thoughtfully chosen short-term goals in place. Business experts thoroughly understand this concept and are able to effectively carry out short-term objectives, so longer term goals can be fulfilled.

Creating Short-Term Goals

Two basic ways to create good short-term goals are to make them realistic and to have a time line in mind to meet them. Goals that are too abstract or that don’t have a specific time in mind for them to be accomplished most likely won’t be met.

Short-term goals should also be very specific, focused on the details of how to meet them instead of simply a long-term, broad idea of achieving goals. A company should also consider the short-term goals and apply specific actions that need to be taken. They need to clearly communicate who will do each step of the process. There should also be a good way to measure progress towards everyone achieving the goal.

Measuring progress means that numbers should be assigned to things like how much sales should be increased by, and in what time frame. Sometimes breaking larger figures into smaller time increments and smaller amounts can be an effective way of fulfilling a larger, more lofty goal. It is easier to climb a mountain one step at a time than to look at the top of the mountain and simply say that you must get there.

The Crucial Aspect of Employee Motivation

The most important step a company can take towards setting and meeting goals is to make it desirable for employees to want to help to achieve them. Companies must find ways to inspire employees to see the same vision the company sees and hold them accountable for actions. Effective goal setting means that everyone is on the same page in securing company success.

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