Recognizing Hard Work: 5 Ways To Show Appreciation to Employees

At a time when one of the greatest challenges companies face involve staff, such as finding the right staff and retaining them, it behooves leadership to find creative ways to express their gratefulness to employees. Recognizing your staff for their contributions is something you can do any time. Indeed, small gestures of gratitude throughout the year can help your employees feel treasured year round. Here are five ways to acknowledge your staff for their exemplary work.

Offer Work From Home Days or Flex Hours

According to a recent study revealed in the Harvard Business Review, at-home workers were happier, less likely to quit and more productive than their colleagues who came into the office. While the study is certainly not prescriptive, it suggests that some employees enjoy working remotely. If your business model permits, go ahead and give that stellar employee an opportunity to work from home. Flex hours can also give your superstar employees a chance to spend time with family or attend to pressing matters, such as doctor’s appointments. This gesture can help you build trust and strong relationships with your most deserving employees.

Offer a Swap

One way you can reward and empower your top-performing employees is to offer them an opportunity to swap for a sought-after job or project. Your star employees will get a change to thrive and obtain on-the-job training in an area of interest.

Give an Award or Tailor-made Gift Based on Specific Behaviors and Outcomes

When your employees do outstanding work, such as introducing an innovative idea to improve profitability or delivering exceptional customer service during a crisis period, consider giving them gifts like custom pins and mugs to acknowledge their efforts and smarts. Personalized gifts create an air of exclusivity and authenticity. The key to making your gifts work is timeliness, so do not delay.

Share Recognition Stories Openly and Publicly

Do not limit success stories to your immediate office. Instead, you should mention your employees who are doing stellar work in your newsletter, company blog or company social media account. If you have company-wide weekly conference calls, recognize those special individuals for their contributions on those calls. You can also reserve a page on your company’s website featuring the accomplishments of key employees. Such gestures will make them feel special and official.

Say Thank You and Applaud Them

For a job well done, show your appreciation with a thank you. In fact, say it often. A standing ovation from the whole staff will also communicate sentiments of appreciation. Niceties can go a long way and they help foster a positive, gracious work culture.

Rewarding your employees for their work helps keep your employees engaged, pleased and retained. Anytime you are giving recognition to an employee, specify what behavior or activity you are rewarding to facilitate the repetition of the behavior or activity.

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