Customer Service: How to Make Your Business’ Services More Convenient for Customers

A small business owner who neglects his or her customers will have a hard time making a lot of money and doing well in the long run. While most people know this, many do not take a few minutes to do what they can to make the clients happy. With this in mind, here are four ways to make a business more convenient for customers.

Recurring billing

When paying a bill, customers will want to have a lot of options. In fact, with online payment solutions, one can set up recurring payments. For this reason, an entrepreneur must use Recurring Billing Software. This will make it easy to charge clients who will not have to call the business or login to the website. Remember, it is wise to remove any barriers for a client to make payments and the right software will go a long way in making this happen.

Customer service all the time

It is extremely frustrating for a client to call in and get stuck in voice mail jail. This will cause many to grit their teeth in anger. To avoid this issue, a company should try to offer customer service 24/7. While this may seem like overkill, it is a smart way to keep clients coming back; otherwise, customers who are not happy with this may end up taking their money elsewhere.


While it is crucial to give support all the time, it is also beneficial to offer some automated support. For example, with a FAQ on the website, a company can avoid clogging up the phone lines with simple questions. Furthermore, the organization will save money as it will answer questions without wasting valuable employee hours. To take this a little further, a firm should also offer a smartphone app that allows customers to reach the company with ease.

Social media

In the past, people would use their website or an 800 number to keep contact with a company. However, now, people will run to Facebook or Twitter to lodge complaints and ask questions. For this reason, a small business owner should have a formidable social media campaign as staff can communicate with customers and fix issues quickly.

With these four tips, an entrepreneur can make his or her business services more convenient for clients. This is a tough task, but one can do so if they take the time to understand their customer’s needs.

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