Career: Today’s Top 5 Industries That Are Changing The Job Field

In the aftermath of the 2008-9 recession, meaningful well-paying jobs still seem hard to come by. Even with unemployment dipping below 7%, many of the employed make barely enough to support themselves and their families in what many instances turn out to be dead-end jobs, especially in the restaurant and hospitality industries. However, with the right training and education these bleak career paths can be avoided in favor of finding success in any one of the top 5 dynamic industries that are changing the job market. Here is a compilation of these industries and how they can provide exciting new opportunities for you and others looking for a rewarding career.


This industry has become incredibly profitable in recent decades with modern society’s need for oral hygiene. The position of dental hygienist proves to especially be a case in point, where only a 2-year associate’s degree is required for an incredible median annual income of $70,000. Licensed dentists usually average double this amount.

Social Media Relations

Social media is now used as a potent hybrid form of public relations/advertising for companies. Those with excellent writing and marketing skills can make an exciting living doing what many of us already do: constantly checking and posting to Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools of the like.


This fairly broad industry will likely continue to grow as domestic extraction of oil ramps up greater than ever. Petroleum jobs have an exciting range of opportunities which range from jobs in geology to health and safety management to maintenance and inspection.The industry is expected to add over 1 million positions within the next decade.

Land Surveying

Most surveyors work for the government and earn six figure incomes. The position only requires a professional license beyond a high school education. Since this position requires one to be active, this is far from being a desk job.

Environmental Management

More companies are becoming concerned with “going green” and improving their relation with the environment, as well as complying with government regulations. It is an excellent industry for someone with a passion for environmental protection and sustainability.

Not only do jobs in these industries offer alternatives to careers many Americans are trapped in, most are attainable with very little post-secondary education. Thus these five industries offer an alternative to the status quo of a costly college education equating to career satisfaction and success.


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