Customer Service: Five Ways to Let Your Customers Know You Are Thinking of Them

Customer appreciation is about more than sending personalized advertisements. If your company wants to see continued growth, you’ll have to get creative in the ways that you reach out to your most loyal patrons.

Opportunities to Test Products

Your repeat customers are the ones who make your business a success. Show them that you respect their opinions by offering sneak previews of your latest products. Whether you open up your physical location for a special “preferred customer” day or allow dedicated patrons the chance to pre-order before anyone else, you’ll get advanced feedback that can help you make positive changes to your business that will draw even more customers in the future.

Offer Rewards

Standard rewards programs such as punch cards are ubiquitous among businesses such as coffeehouses, restaurants and bars because they work. Customers who enjoy the food and beverages gladly return for more and appreciate the chance to earn a free drink, appetizer or entrée.

Acknowledge Feedback

Customer feedback and reviews have a big influence on business in today’s perpetually connected world. New customers looking for the kinds of products and services you offer will look at others opinions before making purchases, so be sure to show those who talk up your business that you’re grateful for the praise. Offering discounts or gift certificates in exchange for feedback is a win-win situation for you and your customers.

Go Above and Beyond

Mistakes, problems and frustrations happen every day in business. Make sure that the employees in your customer service department are prepared to handle complications in a calm, polite way and that they’re able to connect with customers on a personal level. Companies that follow up after complaint calls with an email, note or free gift gain a reputation for being personable and helpful that sets them apart from the competition.

Send Cards

People who routinely purchase your products or who make large purchases are the ones who keep your company going. Sending handwritten cards in the mail or a customized ecard with a note saying you appreciate their business shows that you care about your customers as individuals rather than just the target of advertising campaigns.

Giving customers something unique in return for their loyalty not only encourages them to come back to your business but also generates word-of-mouth advertising for your products and services. Show your customers you care and you’ll enjoy a positive reputation that will help grow your business.

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