Five Simple Tips To Marketing To All Sorts Of Different People

Marketing experts usually recommend a focused approach to marketing, as closely targeting a single demographic is easier than trying to appeal to all groups. However, some companies pull it off well – think of Burger King. Everyone wants to “have it your way,” after all. Here are five simple tips to marketing to all sorts of different people.

Find a universal desire

What is something everyone wants? A happy home, more money, more vacation time – all of these things are almost universally desired by anyone you meet. By marketing to desires like this, you can find common ground among all people. Those who aren’t affected by this sort of marketing aren’t likely to buy your product, anyway.

Use tried and true marketing techniques

Even though technology has advanced this far and marketing is largely online, there are reasons methods such as direct mail are still in use. Direct mail is effective, it’s recognized, and it’s respected – launching a direct mail campaign is much more difficult than using PPC advertising.

Set boundaries

Even though you’re trying to find common ground across all demographics, it is important to set boundaries on certain aspects. If you try to market to the lowest income demographics, you are likely wasting effort, as this group isn’t likely to spend money on anything they deem ‘unnecessary.’ All the same, marketing to the high income demographics would bare equally scarce results.

Find a supplier

While most marketing can be done online with little to no supplies, things like direct mail campaigns require that you have enough letters, stamps, and other materials in order to launch your campaign. You can find these supplies through major retailers, office supply stores, and websites like

Provide amazing customer service

One of the best forms of marketing is word of mouth. If your product reaches a wide group of people, ensure that you provide them with the best customer service they’ve ever experienced. Impress them, and they will tell their friends and family, spreading the word about your service further. Building up a fantastic reputation will carry you far. If you’re providing great customer service, reviews online and in social media will reflect that.

Marketing to everyone is much more difficult than marketing to a single group. One old marketing idiom states that, “If you market to everyone, you reach no one.” However, if you don’t trust your skills, hire a marketing company to help out.

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