Four Traditional Marketing Techniques That Work And Why

Traditional marketing techniques were heavily focused on the four P’s: Product, Promotion, Price, and Place. In today’s marketing world, the huge variety of options may seem overwhelming, but when it comes right down to it, the four P’s are still relevant in today’s world. You just have different ways of delivering them. Traditional marketing techniques aren’t out of the question, either. Some of the most basic marketing methods are still successfully in use today. Here are four classic marketing techniques that still work, even in today’s high-tech world!

1. Identifying Your Target Audience

It doesn’t matter whether you’re marketing your brand in 1950 or 2050, you still have to know who your audience is. The use of audience segmentation is still huge in the marketing world as a tool to understand who your audience is. Will your marketing techniques change and adjust if your target audience is younger? Of course, but the basic methods used to determine the audience initially will remain the same, no matter what.

2. Print Advertisements

Much as it may seem that everyone nowadays has a computer and is getting their information online, don’t allocate your entire marketing budget to digital ads. There are still plenty of people who get newspapers and magazines – and many of them don’t use a computer at all. Cutting them out of the loop loses you an entire demographic that may be interested in your product and brand. Smart marketers will use both digital and traditional print or radio advertisements to draw in the largest possible crowd.

3. Free Samples

It’s the oldest marketing trick in the book. Get people to try your product and lure them back in. While some of the methods may have changed, incorporating online coupon codes and smartphone apps, this basic technique stays the same. The best way to convince people you have something worth offering is still to let them try it. Offer discounts on services or free items with certain purchases, and you’ll be able to bring in a much larger crowd.

4. In-Person Networking

From dental marketing experts to small business owners, anyone who has successfully marketed themselves will agree that you can’t underestimate the value of relationships in promoting your brand. Give your business a physical presence in your town by participating in local events and networking with other business owners in the area. You can do some of this online via social media, but putting a face to the business by being active as a community presence goes a long way toward building a network of loyal customers.

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