Customer Service: 5 Unique Ways to Make your Employees Happy

Every company must try to maximize its assets in order to maintain a sustainable business. If you are a business owner, then you know that your employees are your most valuable asset. They handle your operations and ensure that every aspect of your business runs as smoothly as possible. It is thus important that you keep them happy and motivated. Here are some creative ways how:

Deliver Pride

If your employees feel that they are doing awesome work, it will be what keeps them motivated every day they go to work. Talk to your employees often. Let them know how much you value their contribution to the success of your company. If any of them has made a mistake or shown weakness, acknowledge the mistake but assure them that you believe in their potential to be able to do more. Earn your employees’ loyalty be being mentor and a leader, rather than a mere “boss.”

Boost Branding

Encourage workers to express their individuality and style. Tell your team members that you expect them to embody your brand, while giving them room to advance their own ideas and propositions. Encourage them to promote themselves in social media channels and professional networks like LinkedIn. Let them represent what your company stands for, in their own unique ways.

Give Unique Benefits

In the Philippines, benefits like SSS, PhilHealth, and a health card undeniably important but it’s also nice to offer incentives not normally offered by other companies. Take inspiration from Google, which has successfully branded itself as a fun company to work for. As of 2007, Google receives 1 million job applications a year.  The benefits tech giant offers is its way of rewarding hardworking developers and employers. While it may not be realistic for many companies to have in-house gourmet restaurants, there are certainly many fun benefits you can offer your employees. They will appreciate it no matter how small.

Invest on Time

It can be the hardest investment but it has the biggest return. Invest time on your employee, especially outside work hours. Take time to know them better, take some of them with you on your business trips, and when you can spend Friday nights with them or plan leisure activities. If you know your employees on a more personal level, you develop a bond and build trust. This will make your team stronger and more able to meet team goals.

Train Future Leaders

Train your best employees to become future leaders of your company. Introduce them to your networks and give them opportunities to show or develop leadership. If they succeed, reward them accordingly. For instance, banks like HSBC offer credit card and other salary benefits that you can check out here. Find out if your bank offers similar packages.

Do not make the mistake of treating your employees like robots. Keep them motivated, reward their victories, and in some cases, be a friend. Of course, you need to be an exemplary role model to emulate. Embody your vision and inspire them to do the same.

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Ryan Del Villar is a writer and online marketing specialist at Money Max, Philippines’ leading online comparison portal. Ryan also writes articles for different websites during his spare time for extra income. He also worked as an online video editor before he started his writing career.

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