4 Careers In the Real Estate Industry to Consider

If you are looking for a flexible career in real estate but do not enjoy working in sales, there are still plenty of opportunities you could pursue. The real estate field is large enough to support a wide variety of skills and personality types. If you want to work in real estate, read on to learn about four great careers in this exciting industry.

Real Estate Appraiser

If you are good at math and enjoy working with numbers, consider becoming a real estate appraiser. These experts investigate and research properties to determine their market value. They inspect land and buildings, research neighborhood data, consult public records and use their investigation skills to build complete value profiles for residential or commercial properties. If you enjoy financial detective work, this would be a great career for you.

Home Stager

If you are the one your friends come to for decorating advice, a career in home staging might be worth considering. Stagers use their creative inspiration to prepare homes and apartments for rent or sale. They work with homeowners and property managers to help them make their properties irresistible to buyers. To do this, they tap into their knowledge of decorating and interior design to dress up homes with attractive decor and accent lighting. This is a wonderful career for the creative and innovative home decorator.

Property Management

You’ve probably heard of a property manager, but you might not know what they actually do! A property manager is generally a third party company that is hired to handle the daily operations of a real estate investment. They manage all types of properties, from single family homes all the way up to large apartment complexes. Googling what a property management company does is a great way learn more about the services they offer.

Home Inspector

Working as a home inspector is a great choice if you like getting your hands a little dirty. Inspectors are often hired to examine properties before they are purchased. They check the exterior structures, rooms, attics, basements and more to ensure homes meet safety and quality standards set by the industry. After an inspection, the home inspector delivers a complete report to the real estate agent and buyer to advise them of any potential problems with the home.

Regardless of your skills or specialty, you can aim for a career this exciting industry. If you are creative, detail-oriented or good with numbers, you can find a home in real estate.

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