Customer Service: Six Ways to Keep Your Patients Happy in Your Office

The rapid pace at which information is delivered now has totally changed the landscape of marketing and business to customer relations. No matter what you do or the type of services you offer, you are no longer on an island. Consumers are more informed than at any time in history. This means that they have higher expectations. Keeping your patients happy can be quite the challenge.

There was a time in which you only had to compete with yourself. Your customers were totally oblivious to the manner in which your competition conducted business, but everyone lives in an information era in which everything is a mouse click away. Customers and patients now have a wealth of information on which to build their expectations. This does not mean that you can’t keep you patients happy and retain a high level of customer loyalty.

Here are six steps that will help you ensure that you keep your customers happy.

Engage the Patient

Take the time to engage your patients, asking the right questions and listening attentively. You will find that sincerely engaging your patients will get them to open up and they will tell you exactly what they need in order to be happy. There will be some general themes that will be common among your patients, but there will also be some points that are unique to a particular patient. Taking the time to address those unique issues tells your patient that you care and they matter.

Remain Passionate

You don’t want your patient to get the impression that you are simply going through the motions. Patients need to know that you are passionate about what you are doing. They want to feel as if their health matters more to you than it does to them.

Offer them the Best

No one wants to be treated in a cut-rate manner. Offer your patients the best possible service. Make their wait in your lobby comfortable and relaxing. Make sure that your staff is exceptionally courteous and accommodating. Go the extra-mile. Never allow them to feel like you only see dollar signs when you look at them. They can feel like a number anywhere. Do you best to stay on schedule. If you do get behind, which will happen occasionally, make waiting patients aware that you haven’t forgotten about them.

Get Behind the Cause

This ties into staying passionate, but it is more personal. Let the patient know that you are concerned about the specific condition that they are dealing with. Let them know that you are going to do your part to help them achieve the specific goal in question. You can also show the community you care using community service. Giving to the community is a great way to show patients that you care and are devoted to what you do.

Don’t Be Condescending

Don’t talk over your patients head. Don’t use terminology that makes you seem smart because it will make them feel less-intelligent or intimidated. Try connecting on a common level where they will feel that they can relate to you.

Take Care of You

The last thing the patient wants to see is someone that is looking as if they need medical attention. Get rest and eat right. You need to look alive and confident when you are in that office. If your patients see that you don’t take proper care of yourself, they won’t trust you to take care of them.

With the competition in the healthcare industry growing, you need to take steps to set yourself apart. It takes more than just providing quality service to keep your patients coming back. Go the extra mile to show you care about your patients and about your community overall.

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