Raising The Bar: Careers That Improve Your Quality Of Life

These days, work-life balance is one of the most important factors driving the career choices of motivated professionals. More people are realizing money is not the most important aspect of working life. Students and established professionals alike are turning to job roles that can offer them deep satisfaction and personal well-being.

Let’s look at some of the top job selections for improving quality of life:

1) Doctor

The United States is facing an aging population and a potential shortage of doctors. Doctors have the opportunity to change the lives of thousands of people each year while earning excellent compensation. Many medical schools are making it easier for doctors to pay off their student debts and enjoy prosperity sooner, fixing one of the major headaches of the profession.

2) Career Coach

Career coaches help others find the career most appropriate for them and achieve success. This usually includes guiding clients in one-on-one development of a psychological profile, statement of goals and curriculum vitae. Helping others find personal fulfillment makes the life of a career coach very attractive.

3) Nutritionist

Nutritionists help their clients reach wellness goals through better eating and exercise. These professionals may work independently, as part of a fitness center or within a corporate wellness program. Nutritionists enjoy sharing in their clients’ successes and giving them the tools they need to maximize their well-being.

4) Operations Consultant

Business-minded people often find the life of a consultant appealing. Operations consultants are hired by businesses to tackle a project or problem. For example, a consultant might implement new technologies or find ways to reduce costs. Successful consultants have the opportunity to work with a wide range of interesting companies.

5) Lawyer

Lawyers, have the unique opportunity to serve the public good, defend clients in need and command an outstanding salary. There are dozens of legal specializations to choose from, making this a good career for the intellectually curious. While prosecution and defense attorneys are familiar to most Americans, many lawyers work “behind the scenes” and don’t need public speaking skills 

6) College Professor

No matter what your field of interest may be, college professors have the opportunity to help young minds grow. Not only do they teach classes, but also develop and publish research that pushes the boundaries of knowledge. Most professors work in a traditional college setting, enjoying the freedom to influence their own schedules and what they teach.

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