Job Outlook: Careers to Pursue in the Medical Field

A career in the medical field provides excellent job stability to its prospects. Think about it: people will always have a need for medical treatment. Whether you’re looking to make a career change or are just starting college, the careers explained below are offered at thousands of colleges nationwide and are fairly simple to get into, provided you put in hard work and possess the passion to help those who need it.


A respiratory therapist is a trained professional who’s responsibility is strictly the lungs and airway. They perform a wide variety of tasks ranging from administering oxygen and breathing medicine to managing the mechanical ventilators used on patients in the intensive care units. The least amount of school required to become certified is an associate’s degree, though more recently, universities have opened up bachelor and master degree programs to accommodate the need for highly trained professionals.


The phlebotomist’s job is to collect blood samples for testing and analysis. Within a hospital they typically are not assigned to a particular unit. They have a great deal of autonomy, which requires proficiency and the ability to work independently. Though if you are wondering how to become a phlebotomist, you often have to have some college along with being certified. This may vary slightly depending on the laws and requirements of the state that you live in.


Nursing is a great option to choose when one knows they want to work in medicine but isn’t quite sure in what field. With as little as an associate’s degree, a registered nurse can chose a subspecialty from virtually any aspect of medicine until they settle on a practice they love. This is by far the most flexible option.


When people are recovering from an injury or a prolonged hospital stay, they require a rehabilitation plan with great detail. A physical therapist assistant’s job is to assist the physical therapist in the treating of those who are in need of rehabilitation. They help perform assessments, exercises, daily regiments, and coaching to their patients all with as little as an associate’s degree. This job is perfect for the upbeat and motivated type.

So, as shown, there are some excellent options when choosing to pursue a career in the medical field. All the jobs explained offer flexibility within their training programs, allowing anyone who is willing to complete them and become successful within their field. If you feel that this is your calling, then act now!

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