What to Look Out for When Looking for a New Office for Your Company

As your business grows, you take on new customers, new staff and probably additional equipment. Your expanding business needs will eventually require you to find a new office space to accommodate those extra staffers and equipment. When you do select a new office space, there are some things you should stay mindful about getting.


No matter how good the lease terms, no employee wants to come to work in an unsecured building. Take a hard look at any potential space, especially the locks on doors and windows. Cheap locks on doors and windows will not inspire your employees’ well-being or can mean paying for better ones out of pocket. If you’re looking at space in a large office building, does the building provide security personnel? If so, do they patrol the building, work at the front desk, or both?

Commute and Parking

How far from your original space is the new one? While some change in commute times is to be expected, if your move will double or triple your employees commute time, you might find yourself with a rebellion on your hands or a stack of notice letters on your desk. Is there sufficient parking at the new location for employees and customers? Will they need to go from free parking to paid parking? If you’re moving to paid parking, you might find your employees bucking hard for raises or asking you to defray their parking costs.

Problematic Plumbing

Test the drainage at the new location. Does water drain slowly or erratically? Do the toilets have an odor or flush poorly? If so, you could be looking at clogged or corroded pipes and serious septic system problems according to many drain cleaning providers. While these problems can be repaired, you’ll want to have a conversation with the building owner or manager about who is responsible for repairs prior to signing a lease.

Future Expansion Potential

Getting enough space for your current needs is the goal, but setting yourself up for potential future expansion is ideal. Look for an office that has adjacent space that you may be able to expand into later. It’ll be easier on your customers if you can stay in the same place, rather than moving again in a year or two.

Looking for a new office space calls for a balance of considerations. It needs to meet your space needs, first and foremost. Beyond that, though, it should be safe and the plumbing should be sound. The office shouldn’t, ideally, create a nightmare commute or drop extra parking expenses on employees and customers. In the best case, it sets you up for future expansion.

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