Why Physical Marketing Tools Shouldn’t Stay on the Backburner

With the growing popularity of online marketing tactics like email blasting and pay-per-click advertising, many companies have shifted their focus from traditional methods to more modern digital methods. While there is no denying how effective digital marketing can be if used properly, it takes the right marketing mix to make any marketing initiative a success. Physical marketing tools may seem a bit archaic to some, but with the right strategy, deploying traditional tools can improve the outcome of your campaign. Here are some of the reasons why physical marketing applications should never be placed on the back burner.

1. Do Not Let Your Message Get Muddled With Other Messages

The Internet is an effective place to generate leads and to convert these leads into sales, but there is a lot of global competition to compete with. It is very easy for a generic marketing message to get lost in the crowd on the web without local techniques to push it. When you use physical tools and applications for marketing purposes, it is less likely that your message will get overlooked because less companies are using traditional marketing techniques locally.

2. Brand Recognition with Target Demographics

There are several different kinds of physical marketing tools that you can implement into your strategy. With a properly placed bench ad, shopping card promotional image, or a custom canopy with your branding, you can improve your brand recognition with a target audience that will be attending the event or shopping at the particular store. If you want to attract sports fans, a canopy that provides shade to event attendees and has your logo and contact information on it will help you build trust with the attendees. By building brand recognition with the right demographic, you can stay on the minds of people in your niche.

3. Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website

There are many search engine optimization tips and methods that you can try to drive traffic to your website, but the drop rate will always be high if you are competing against the search rankings. If you want to drive traffic to your site, you can use physical marketing tools and get genuine traffic that is seeking out your brand and not all brands in your industry. This can improve your rankings and conversion rates in the long run.

4. Give Prospects a Reason to Try You

Promotional marketing gifts are perhaps the biggest physical tools that you can use to benefit your business. A branded umbrella, custom flash drive, or a mass printed mug can make all of the difference when you are making a pitch. Everyday, functional gifts also tend to stick around for a long time in the prospective customer’s home, thereby increasing your exposure. Be sure to order your gifts wisely and give customers a reason to listen.

Physical items offer you free marketing contacts whenever your brand is recognized. Be sure to strategically choose the tools that are best for your goals and initiatives, and mix traditional tactics with modern ones.

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