5 Effects of Cold Weather on Your Business

The ambition of many business owners is to operate at a profit, 365 days per year. In some cases this is impossible, as is true for some horticultural design work and fishing. Most commercial enterprises, however, serve customers year round. These in Northern climates can be impacted in their trade by inclement weather. The cold can get to your customers, too. What are the effects of cold weather on your business? 5 consequences are described below.

1. Mobile Electronics

According to Fiona Agomuoh of the International Business Times, the cold can wreak havoc on smart phones and other mobile devices. Extreme cold can delay the touchscreen response, hasten battery decay, and cause the screen to shatter. Also, internal components are more prone to error in the cold, although smartphone technology still operates better than when it is extremely hot.

2. Hypothermia

As many as 700 people die each year in America from hypothermia, as indicated by Consumer Reports. If your business requires your employees to spend long periods exposed to the cold, as in news broadcasting, special care needs to be taken. It might also be a good idea to find ways to let customers in early.

3. Heating Expenses

Your business budget can be seriously impacted by unforeseen cold snaps, as heating bills continue to rise and fuel costs skyrocket. It is nonetheless important to keep you physical plant at operating temperatures.

4. Equipment

Damage to engines, equipment and facilities increases in the cold. Cold weather can make materials more prone to breakage, and increases the chances of a breakdown with internal combustion engines like the one on your forklift.

5. Safety

Bad weather produces sheets of ice and snow, in which people can slip and fall. If you fail to be diligent maintaining your entranceways this can lead to lawsuits. There are significant losses due to the cold and flu season. Also, the risk of heart attack is greater in cold weather, so know the warning signs. One solution is installing a Powerblanket.

The list goes on, and many business owners can attest to the fact that trade is slower in the Winter, apart from the Holiday season. In February it should be no surprise that sales lag, so be prepared. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A climate with cold in its seasons does not have to spell bankruptcy.

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