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Seven Outstanding Techniques on Customer Service

Outstanding customer service will not only increase your sales but will eventually place you above your competitors. Regardless of your location, whet... Read More »

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5 Steps to Handling an Angry Customer

Turning an angry customer into a satisfied one is a part of providing great customer service. This can seem like a daunting task at times, but it can ... Read More »

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Failure of Complaint Handling Systems

The failure of a complaint handling process can have a major impact on an organization due to: ·          Loss of revenue when customers ... Read More »

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Importance of Building Customer Relationships

A business is only as successful as the customers are happy. This is why it is important to build strong customer relationships. This is more than jus... Read More »

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5 Strategies for Effective Complaint Handling

1. Let the Customer Vent: Allow the customer to completely vent their dissatisfaction and frustration without interrupting. The first mistake many ... Read More »

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Effective Customer Service Skills

Great customer service training is one key to achieving great success in a retail business or any business that has contact with the public.  Often, ... Read More »

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8 Excellent Customer Service Techniques

Excellent customer service not only drives sales but can potentially put you above your competition. Whether you’re in Tampa or somewhere else, when... Read More »

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