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How to Really Shine at Your Next Business Meeting With 5 Pointers

Business meetings can be a tough crowd. Often times, people don’t to be there and feel like they have better things to do. Other times, you take tim... Read More »

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Presentation Training: Take Charge of Your Presentations with Your Voice

Presentations may be the biggest fear of your life; however, this is one aspect where you can unleash the power of your voice and words and win over h... Read More »

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Public Speaking for a More Confident You

Public speaking has been part and parcel of great leadership and success. If you are a leader, you naturally have to address your followers every onc... Read More »

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How to Present in Any Situation

It is important for experienced speakers to be prepared to make a great presentation in any situation.  Whether it’s for a meeting, training semina... Read More »

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Great Facilitation and Presentation Techniques

If you are a consultant who has been trying to improve their facilitation skills, there are several small changes that you can make which can result i... Read More »

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6 Qualities Needed to be a Great Presenter

1. Be Prepared: Nothing puts an audience off more than someone who has not prepared for their presentation. Know your audience, focusing on what th... Read More »

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Key Tips to Improving Presentations

Studies have shown that standing in front of an audience and presenting can be one of the most nerve racking things we can do.  As a trainer we some... Read More »

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