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Quick Tips

Train your managers

Invest in the training of your supervisors and managers as the key to the success of your company lies in the employees perception of their manager.  If they trust and respect their manager, the employee will be a more productive one.

Focus your energies 

There are a lot of demands on your time, so try to categorize what’s important and do those first but realize that your time and energy are limited.  It’s better to be a master of some rather than a Jack of all trades.

Actively listen

Listen to your customers, your employees, your suppliers, and anyone else who comes in contact with your business.  Honestly evaluate what they have to say, without letting your ego get in the way, and you will probably learn something that benefits your business.

Continue to Motivate

When you hire someone new and they join your organization, they are all fired up and ready to go for you.  To help keep that fire burning, continue to coach and train them in addition to continually giving them more responsibility.  Learning new things will keep them motivated.

Follow Through on Promises

If you make your customer a promise, be prepared to deliver on it.  The quickest way to lose a customer is to tell them you can do something and then you don’t.

Five Presentation Tips

1) Smile

2) Use humor

3) Breathe – Relax

4) Follow your notes

5) Take Breaks

6) Finish on time

Ask employees for their opinion

Employees are more willing to buy into and participate in a companies decision, even if they don’t fully agree with it because you gave them the opportunity to express their point of view.

Encourage your staff to be engaged:

Ignoring your staff is a quick way to loose them.  Having them be involved with decisions will motivate them to reach higher.


Delegate responsibility to your staff and they will become more energized and motivated to succeed because of the added responsibility.

Continue to strive:

Leaders strive to be more.  This is what sets them apart from managers.  Leaders do not set limits on themselves, so continue to strive to be better than you already are.