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5 Great Ways to Advertise for Your Business

Advertising a business is an ideal way to expand growth while ensuring you are reaching the right target markets and demographics you have in mind. Un... Read More »

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Five Ways to Increase Productivity Using Effective Marketing

Increasing productivity with marketing can be done by planning ahead of time and utilizing different tools and actions that can help attract visitors ... Read More »

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Seven Ways to Spread Awareness of Your New Business

Every day, thousands of businesses fail. Some of these businesses provided great products and terrific service. However, consumers never learned about... Read More »

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Cutting the Fat: 4 Marketing Areas Where You Could Be Getting More for Less

Many business owners do not like to trim their marketing budgets as they fear they may lose customers. While this is a standard thought, an entreprene... Read More »

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Remaining Memorable: How to Keep Your Small Business in People’s Minds

Building a small business can be a very exciting challenge, full of new obstacles and experiences. There are many factors that will determine the succ... Read More »

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4 Tips For Giveaways That Will Make Customers Pound Down Your Door

If you own or manage a business, chances are good that you have at least given some thought to using some kind of promotional item, swag, premium--wha... Read More »

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Business Marketing Success: Five Risks You Should be Willing to Take

You should be willing to take a loss within your first six months of business. Very few businesses make money within their first six months of ope... Read More »

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Business Marketing: 3 Components You Should be Taking Advantage of

The marketing of a business is crucial for success. Done correctly, a business can prosper and flourish for many years. If done poorly, any business w... Read More »

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Marketing: How To Attract Customers When You First Open Your Business

Drawing customers into a new business can be difficult. Some owners fail to take the basic steps necessary to inform consumers that a storefront has j... Read More »

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