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Effective Benchmarking Skills drive all successful organizations. In this course you will learn key Benchmarking Skills that you can adopt in your organization to deliver endless results. Benchmarking is essentially an in-depth critical examination of an organization, product or process to determine how it compares with other organizations, product or process which may be considered as being “best in class”. The translation process is of critical importance so that the personnel involved can visualize how best practice methodologies can be both adapted and adopted into the organization. However, there is a need to have some consistency or standardization across the industry and so there have been developed standards against which organizations can effectively benchmark themselves.     Who should attend : Any Executive, Supervisor, Leader, Manager or employee who would be involved with the Benchmarking process. Objectives:
  • Understand the importance of benchmarking
  • Identify the importance of a benchmarking system
  • Describe the factors that cause benchmarking projects to fail
  • Understand the different ways that you as an employee can influence a benchmarking project
  • Use the material presented to develop a benchmarking project for you own role
  • Identify the role of benchmarking and the interdependencies within your organization required to make it function
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