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Project Description
Image courtesy of sheelamohan /

Image courtesy of sheelamohan /

Duration : 10-15 minutes Objective : To help participants identify with people’s feelings during times of change and help them realize change doesn’t always mean the loss of something but the gain of something as well. Instructions : Place participants into pairs facing each other. Then ask them to look at the person in front of them and memorize what he/she is wearing. Next, ask them to face away from their partner and change four or five things about themselves (typically people will take off their tie, move their watch to the other wrist, remove a ring or perhaps remove their glasses). After they have done this, ask the pairs to turn and face each other again and identify what has changed about their partner.  Have each person do this. Ask participants how easy it was to change things about themselves? Some might say that it was hard to change things about themselves. Ask, how many people actually added something to themselves to change their appearance? This is important because in life, most people associate “change” with removal or loss. However, in reality you can actually add or gain something with change. As a side note, watch how quickly people change back their appearance once the exercise has been completed.  People will always revert back to “the way things were.”  This is typical when change occurs. Alternatives : Another technique to use in this exercise is continue to ask people to keep changing things about themselves. This will frustrate them and they will start to comment that they cannot possibly change anything else. By frustrating them, some quick thinking participants will realize that perhaps they can start to add things. This highlights the frustrations people can feel through continual change.

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