Creative Problem Solving
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Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving

There can always be a gap between what is actually happening and what is supposed to be happening. Quite simply, by solving the problem, you will close the performance gap. In an organization where problems exist but remain unsolved the following can occur:
  • Demotivation of staff
  • Loss of customers
  • Waste of resources
  • Reduction of profit
  • Compromised growth/survival potential
Solving a problem usually removes an impediment from work leading to increased productivity, less stress, improved quality and efficiency and increased enjoyment of the job and work environment.   Who should attend : All employees that are faced with any kind of problem at work. Objectives:
  • Identify the main obstacles that prevent problems from being solved in the organization
  • Understand the components required for successful problem solving
  • Understand the importance of a proper problem solving activity
  • Use problem solving techniques to improve productivity and profitability
  • Explain the benefits of having an effective and proactive approach to solving problems
  • Learn the 4 main phases of the Problem Solving journey
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